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The scene ends with the group disbanding for their afternoon meditation period. After Tristan shoots the performers’ profile pictures for the website, virgin sex stories they sit down with Houston to plan their scene. His head and left shoulder are all bandaged up and he looks a bit sore as he makes his way down the ramp. I’m sure he’s sore all over after that massive fall from the stage he took. Scott Slade: Well he’s got a big advantage tonight because he’s in good shape and all healed up from his injuries from the Tournament of Fortune. Scott Slade: Well he’s got a shot to get back on track here and most of his opponents are hurt just as bad as he is if not worse. Scott Slade: Well fans it looks like we are about to kick things off like never before here on Friday Night Clash! The fans let out a roar of support respecting his perseverance and guts for putting it all on the line. Thus, to fight with such menace all the individuals must find out alternative ways. This is a tough one to account for, because different guys have different flavors of what they find attractive. However to be fair to the big German lug, no one has really been the same after fighting that beast of a man.

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Kronin Reinhardt walks out onto the stage in his German colors and free nude web cams also receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. Scott Slade: Here comes the German Suplexe Machine! Scott Slade: I don’t think he will be head butting anyone tonight Chris. He needs to be quick on his feet if he wants to win tonight. Keep in mind, the only way to win this match is to be the last man standing unpinned! If he is not comitted to that, you should go your own way and seek out what you need to heal. Chris Rodgers: It’s for a shot at Salinas and her Franchise Title so you know they’re going to block out the pain in any way that they can to get the job done. Chris, Valora Salinas retained the Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Title Belt in what was one of the most grueling matches we’ve ever seen here at U.O.W.

Scott Slade: Sato of course injured his hand in that fantastic match at Ultra Slam he had against Valora Salinas. Chris Rodgers: Well he never left, but his match was canceled at Ultra Slam due to some unfortunate circumstances. We are five Days removed from our biggest Pay Per View of the year Ultra Slam! Chris Rodgers: You’d have to buy a Pay Per View event to see something like this on Riot Star Wrestling! Chris Rodgers: Well the fans are behind him that is for sure. Scott Slade: Well it looks like he is all patched up and ready to give it all he has tonight. Brother Abishag: Well then…it would seem I have much to study and learn. What I do want to talk about though is Brother Abishag and the Cult of The Blob! They want to get inside that cage here tonight because there is just too much at stake Scott. And this was also the main reason why there is a booming industry about these games in the real world. The cameras transition from the cell to the main stage as “Something to Believe In” by Off-Spring starts to play on the arena’s sound system.

As the cage begins to lower down from the rafters “Heart of Courage” by Two Steps from Hell starts to play over the sound system as the Cell begins to lower down from the arena’s rafters. With the help of modern technologies, you may even engage in sex play with your model remotely. If you get confused by one of them, ask your mod for help. It was the brainchild of the owner, an Army captain who goes by Hogie and is one of Marwencol’s only male residents. When a psychiatrist finally told him of his beginnings at age 14, David sought surgery to return to his male origin. David Wigg, a veteran Fleet Street and BBC journalist, interviews Paul and Linda McCartney. Scott Slade: The veteran is back! Scott Slade: I still cannot believe Sato is going to fight in this insane match with a shattered hand and wrist. It is going to revolutionize Crypto Currency payments and how the new digital economy works. Whatever the golden girl is doing, or spending, on her beauty regime, it clearly works.

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