“It might be talked about in the van about orgasms,” she said. She said Buth often talked with girls about sex and their body parts as they drove out West in his Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Ann Angel is a lusty blonde with a hot body she loves to show off. Buth, she said, and his 19-year-old assistant Vanessa Chavarriagia both walked naked into the lake where their students were already skinny dipping after a hike. I tasted Daddy’s sperm for the first time that night, dipping my finger again and again through the dripping cream, reveling in its aroma and flavor as I sucked his seed off my finger. The actual figure in Australia and Britain is an average of 17 partners by the time men reach 45-54. In the US, it’s 19. The average guesses are almost spot-on. We have thousands of members, and lots of them are actively seeking men like you. I’m shocked. I wouldn’t think he would be like that. He was dating women to get at their kids, we think. “I think all of us were intrigued by the philosophy of his program,” which was to get the girls out of their comfort zones, she said.

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A senior at Forest Hills Northern told a detective she and other high school girls were swimming naked in a lake in the Upper Peninsula when Buth jumped in, also naked. Mathiasz said she was chaperoning a trip to the state of Wyoming at the Wind River Mountain Range last July when she first saw Buth expose himself in a secluded glacial lake. Then last month, a parent in East Grand Rapids filed a separate police complaint, again about Buth reportedly walking naked last summer into that lake in the state of Wyoming. The allegations have led to two separate police reports at the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and in East Grand Rapids, but no criminal charges. That led to a meeting on April 16 at the YWCA with police from Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids and eight to 10 sets of parents. Sargeant was arrested after police seized computer equipment from his student accommodation in Worcester and his home in Harrogate. Crackdown: Two female suppliers were arrested in a police raid (left and right), the victim, 14, is in the middle.

In the reports, obtained by Target 8 through the Freedom of Information Act, police said they couldn’t pursue the investigation because the allegations came from outside their jurisdiction. Mathiasz said she was afraid to confront Buth, but filed a police report with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department last November. Summer Journeys had taken more than 500 high school students on trips over the last decade, according to its founder and director David Buth. — A nonprofit program that took high school students, mostly girls, on trips out West for education and adventure has shut down after allegations of inappropriate behavior by its leader, Target 8 has learned. Two former chaperones and two girls have alleged that Buth, 44, of East Grand Rapids, exposed himself and saw girls unclothed on trips last summer. Chaperones said most of the students were from East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills. “He would point to the privilege of living in EGR, Ada and Forest Hills,” she said.

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