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Trans performer Stefanie Special says that she sees the effect of “disease-ridden” stereotypes in her side of the industry, and echoes Vegas’ comments about some agents spreading misinformation that working with crossovers is bad for a performer’s health or brand. She introduced him to producers, agents and filmmakers in the adult industry, and his career started to flourish. “At the center of this issue is the rift that exists between the straight and gay populations of the industry,” explains Mia Li, president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC). Although the Free Speech Coalition and APAC are trying to create community and support, even successful stars like August can feel helpless. Hell, even Hentai and porn games! We have collected popular tubes, top sex cams, good old XXX picture websites, websites full of VR porn and 70 more niches! Go ahead and browse away our niches and you will definitely find the best adult content on the web! You can choose to have a realistic sex chat experience with the webcam girls for free and able to view the shows in full HD screen, browse cam girl profiles and much more. Are Asian girls your thing?

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This is an important factor and filters THOUSANDS of porn sites. “There are so many untold off-camera encounters that many porn performers have with untested civilians, gay, straight or otherwise. “Since the tragedy of August Ames’s death, I’ve seen an outpouring of performers tweeting about their mental health issues to raise awareness,” says Lee, noting that performers have said they’re suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD. “The fear of the unknown lives of other performers is unfairly linked to the gay and trans population of performers. Cis-male performer Will Havoc, who is considered crossover because he shoots with both cis and trans women, says that he was offended by Ames’ statement and others like it. Vegas says he has experienced “attacks” and been sent home last minute from straight shoots when agents or models find out he has previously performed in gay scenes. “Any performer has the right to deny to work with anyone they want to,” she says.

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