Using a pringles can to speak with people in OW - 동영상 Both women on their feet, they both come off the ropes! But the larger Kirk doesn’t fall, only stumbling back, so the Irish woman hits the ropes and comes back in, nailing Krystal with a hurricanrana and tossing her across the ring. Coming off a great title win against Zoe Jane two weeks ago she looks to be the first woman to try to successfully defend this title. Ceithre nods, stepping back forward and tapping her knuckles against the knuckles of the larger woman before the two back off and begin to circle one another. There are two components to this category. Two count this time. Krystal’s fists landing stunning blows at the same time as Ceithre landed blows of her own on the blonde powerhouse before both stumble backwards. Danica Castle: It’s almost time sweets…. Now that I’ve won it, I know that I have to work twice as hard to keep it.

Clitoris gif her squirt I Actually work hard, I AM a champion, and I Am successful. Ceithre Brennan: The difference between you and I Krystaline is that while you talk about working hard, you talk about wanting to be a champion, you talk about success. Ceithre Brennan: I said that I was going to beat Zoe Jane and become the new Battleground Champion and I did. Tonight is no different from any other match, tonight I go out do what I do best and walk out still Champion. Crawford was not. At the Oscars ceremony, when Anne Bancroft was announced as Best Actress, Crawford swept past Davis to receive the Oscar on behalf of the absent Bancroft. Ceithre Brennan: So, bring everything you have Krystaline because you’re going to need it just to keep up, because tonight is my night, tonight I make the first ever successful defense of this title, tonight “The Wild Fox” prevails.

I’ve been a Champion before, I know what it takes to win and keep a title. We haven’t seen anyone be able to actually successfully defend the Battleground Championship yet, if Brennan can’t change the course of this title history could repeat itself tonight and we could see a new champion crowned. Alexis Rose: Here comes the number one contender for the Battleground Championship! The referee is handed the Battleground Championship from ringside as they speak to Arianna before going over and handing the title to Ceithre who is still sitting on the mat. The redhead pulls the blonde to her feet, but KK responds with a vicious European uppercut, snapping the Fox’s head back before ducking in and hooking the Fox with her own DDT, putting Brennan on the mat. KK slaps the mat in frustration, and climbs back to her feet. Krystal jumps to her feet excited as the crowd cheers loudly. The crowd is on their feet as both women lay in the middle of the ring, catching their breath. The crowd is chanting “Bump her Fist, Bump her Fist”.

Free Webcam Sex Rooms granny, webcam pussy, mature webcam Free Chat, Pussy, Webcams, Online Sex Video Chatroom Live Shaved Pussy on Naked: Free live cams featuring shaved girls. This is simply to verify that you are over 18 and to categorize your watch live sex free webcam broadcast. Kirk stops flailing, putting her feet under herself as she shoves up, pushing Brennan over breaking the hold. Brennan is to her feet first she’s looking to get into pin position, but Krystal throws her off, both women getting to their feet quickly, both women holding their heads. Krystal reaches in, looking to hook her up in Exploder Suplex position, possibly looking for that devastating Krystalline breaker but Fox slips KK with an exploder of her own. A deep seated roar issues from the Wild Fox, KRYSTALLINE BREAKER! Wild Fox hits KK with her own finisher, pulling the rookie into the middle of the ring.

Middle of the ring! Both women stare across the ring before stepping out to the middle of the ring, staring one another in the eyes before KK grins, and holds out a fist. Ceithre gets into the ring and takes off the title holding it high in the air as she and Krystal stare one another down. Krystal had a tremendous showing at Dangerous Games and is looking to continue that momentum by winning the title here tonight. Ceithre Brennan: Krystaline Kirk is big, she’s strong and she’s going to be a tough opponent, I know she earned her title shot, just like I did. Ceithre does not comply, kicking Kirk in the gut and planting her with a DDT. Krystal has her hands up in a boxer’s stance, and before Ceithre can get her defenses up, KK throws a quick snap jab, followed by another and then a hook which floors the smaller competitor.

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