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Steps are being taken, but there’s still a way to go. In 2014, Brian Taylor, part of a national TV broadcast commentary team, remarked live on air that a player was a “big poofter” because of the way he waved to the crowd. It’s a multifarious crowd of same-sex and heterosexual couples holding hands, young and old strangers exchanging stories, folks in jazzy coats and candy-coloured hair. But later, as night falls and the bar gets rowdier, a crowd clots around Ruck Me’s luminous display and its blow-up-doll controller. Players run their hands over the back of the sex doll, caressing the Xbox controller that lies hidden underneath a jersey. AFL said. In addition, the AFL is currently formulating a Gender Diversity Policy focusing on inclusion that applies to transgender and sex fails non-binary players. Four posts at either end act as goals, players jump in packs to catch the ball and play pauses whenever a mark is taken, but only briefly.

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