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Clinton went into considerably less detail when he addressed the nation later that night. After the prayer breakfast, Clinton’s job approval ratings went up again. Clinton, who had been raised as a Baptist, first delivered a televised speech at the annual White House Prayer Breakfast. No one knew where Lieberman was going—and the way he was condemning Clinton, it didn’t look good for the White House. Taylor makes her way back over to Stevenson, yanks her up by the hair, spins around and then flings her through the ropes and to the floor. In it, Bennett lamented that that the war over the nation’s values was seemingly being won by the liberal elite. The real fuck up took place over a year and a half, live sexy chat when I cared too much for someone who didn’t care for me and treated me like shit. Shit was disgusting, hell some of it got on my shirt…still can’t get the smell out three washes later. Long get to live Gay tube! Getty Table is set for Thanksgiving meal with food.

Finally, Lieberman put his cards on the table. It would have been a compromise with broad, bipartisan appeal, one that put an embarrassing asterisk on Clinton’s presidency without overturning the will of the voters who had elected him. The web browser is nothing short of amazing as it will be a feast for the eyes on the 10 inch backlit LCD screen. JIM MIKLASZEWSKI: The president will also turn to the Rev. Gordon MacDonald of Lexington, Massachusetts, who had his own extramarital affair 12 years ago, sought redemption, then wrote a book about it—that the president says he’s already read twice. A few years later, Obama listed the moment as her biggest fashion faux pas. JOE LIEBERMAN: Mr. President, I rise today to make the most difficult and distasteful statement—for lesbian sister sex [Suggested Internet page] me probably the most difficult statement I’ve made on this floor in the 10 years I’ve been a member of the United States Senate.

JOE LIEBERMAN: It seems to me that talk of impeachment and resignation at this time is unjust and unwise. JOE LIEBERMAN: Television is making it harder for millions and millions of Americans to raise our children with the values and the discipline we would like them to have. Were Republicans really going to push for impeachment when most Americans didn’t want them to? DAVID BLOOM: Mr. Clinton’s supporters say they’re bolstered by public opinion polls, which show most Americans disapprove of the president’s behavior but don’t want to see him resign or be impeached. You don’t have to do much to pass these tests. Don’t just say you know the president needs to do better. Say the president needs to go. According to the New York Times, the ministers Clinton selected would meet and pray with him weekly and help him resist what one of the ministers called ‘‘the temptations that have conquered’’ the president in the past. When word got around that Lieberman was planning to weigh in, Clinton’s chief of staff called the senator and urged him not to take a hard line.

BILL CLINTON: The independent counsel investigation moved on to my staff and friends, then into my private life. A few days after that speech, it was reported that Clinton had recruited a group of religious leaders to counsel him in his quest for healing and forgiveness. In the wake of the speech, it once again seemed possible that Clinton would lose the support of his political allies. Clinton made a highly legalistic argument: He said that when he’d denied having sexual relations with Lewinsky, he was using the idiosyncratic definition of “sexual relations” that the Jones lawyers had provided to him during his deposition. They did not constitute sexual relations as I understood that term to be defined at my Jan. 17, 1998, deposition. Being as excitable as I am, I texted her to set up a date as soon as I got home. BILL CLINTON: My understanding of this definition is that it covers contact by the person being deposed, if the contact is done with an intent to arouse or gratify.

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