About us

“A gift of happiness”

Handmade with love!

Surprise your girlfriend or just yourself with a Bellyflower.
A Bellyflower is an experience to receive.
It comes in beautiful packaging and gives the finishing touch you need.
Each Bellyflower is handmade, which is why the Bellyflower you will wear is unique.

Wear it during a wedding, baby shower, gender reveal party or a photo shoot.
Of course it is also suitable for other occasions, such as a chic party or dinner.
Our Bellyflowers are also available with fresh flowers. Put together your own Bellyflower?
Which can! Please contact us for this and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

The ideal gift:
The quest

My journey of discovery to the ideal pregnancy gift started when I was regularly invited by friends or family for a baby shower or gender reveal party.
I really wanted to give a special and exclusive gift.
Really putting the mommy to be in the limelight, making it completely her day by giving an experience, something personal that would also immediately be a lasting memory of that special day.
Something that emphasizes your femininity and motherhood. A luxurious and elegant eye-catcher, but nothing I found gave that feeling that I wanted to convey.

The origin of Bellyflowers

From my own creativity and passion for creating the ultimate feminine gift, I started to think about what really emphasizes that feminine, personal and the emotion of the mommy to be feeling. A gift that really makes you happy as a pregnant woman, strengthens the feeling of imminent motherhood and which is also a beautiful, tangible memory.
And what could be better than wearing something special around your belly in which your child grows? Colorful, handmade with love, something special that you can always keep. That when you look back years later with a smile, think back to that special time.

"A gift of happiness"

I have collected the most beautiful flowers and luxurious materials. Luxury, quality and ultimate femininity are my core values ​​and that's how I lovingly designed the first Bellyflower. From then on things went fast. We now offer various types of Bellyflowers, in different colors, with satin but also fresh flowers. We really value everything of the highest quality. We package every Bellyflower with the utmost care in beautiful, luxurious packaging so that you immediately know that you are really getting something special.

"You will never forget the moment"

The most beautiful day of your life! Every woman needs that.